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This does not pertain to Omnishield Fire Alarms

Basic monitoring. All inclusive monitoring package will provide peace of mind with 5 Diamond                          CSAA Certified Monitronics monitoring through the use of standard landline telephone.                    The landline telephone transmits signals directly to Monitronics in the event of an                              emergency. All Monitoring is 24 hours a day, every day of the year and includes full                          warranty on installation and equipment. Monitronics uses the most advanced central                        station receiver in the world as well as state of the art telecommunications, computing                      and power technology to deliver the fastest alarm response and service support                                available.

Two-Way Voice is a hands free feature that allows you to communicate with Monitronics dispatch                    from almost anywhere in your home. The control panel acts as an intercom, allowing                        the dispatcher to verify an emergency in your home, even if you are not able to get to a                    telephone or to the control panel. The microphone can detect a normal talking voice up                    to 75 feet away. This makes communication simple and is becoming the industry                              standard for security monitoring as well as emergency medical pendants.

Digital cellular technology with Two-Way Voice enables your home security system to                                      communicate with Monitronics without using a landline telephone. There is no                                    interruption of security monitoring due to a telephone line being cut or disabled. This is                      cellular primary and is completely independent of your land line, cell phone or internet.                      You don't even need a phone. Most companies cannot offer Two-Way Voice over GSM                    (cellular primary). They can only offer Two-Way Voice through your land line or cable.                        Then they can sell you cellular back up equipment with an up charge in monitoring.                          With those systems, if the land line is cut, there is no Two-Way Voice. We can structure                    your monitoring communication through any method available but our system with Two-                    Way Voice over GSM cellular primary is considered far superior.

Honeywell Total Connect. Smart home technology. This is interactive security which allows home                    and business owners to manage their security systems via smart phones, computers or                    tablets. You can arm, disarm, bypass a zone and much more from anywhere in the                            world. Receive texts or email alerts when a motion is sensed or someone enters or                          exits your home. Includes the advanced Honeywell Touch Screen control panel.

                  The advanced Honeywell Total Connect can be installed with endless possibilities.                            From your smart phone, computer or tablet you can have the ability to lock or unlock a                      motorized door lock, turn a light on or off, view video through indoor and outdoor IP                          cameras, and even control your thermostat or have it automatically turn down when the                    alarm is armed.

Monitronics: Industry leader in two-way voice monitoring. Fastest growing alarm monitoring                              company in the world with more than 1 million customers in the United States, Puerto                      Rico and Canada. Awarded the Frost & Sullivan “Alarm Monitoring Company of the                          Year” for the third time in 2011.